Group Programs

Small group activities are one of the most important ways to help children develop.

At Progressive Connections our aim is to facilitate a small group program to support children’s overall development. We provide multiple learning stations in the centre featuring fun and engaging activities suited for children to learn and grow.

Small group activities create a more approachable way for children to interact with another and the therapist These activities present an opportunity for children to use language skills to interact and accomplish a task with peers.

By working in small group activities, children work with their peers towards a common goal. Children will inevitably run into hurdles working with each other and with the therapist help they will develop the skills to overcome these hurdles. The skills they develop include cooperation and conversation skills, learn how to work as a team, and work on sharing and compromising.

Children sometimes struggle with making friends, but children are encouraged to play and interact with kids whom they do not typically interact with by working in a small group. These structured interactions create a more inclusive environment and further encourages children’s social skills by encouraging them to work with different people. Therapist follow the child’s lead by allowing children to do an activity they are particularly interested in – trains and transport for example.

Some of the most notable benefits of small group activities in early intervention include:

  • Cognitive and social development growth
  • Communication
  • Peer cooperation
  • Interaction with peers
  • Fine/gross motor development
  • Interests, abilities, and support.