Individual Programs

Transition to School Program

Progressive Connections will help prepare you and your child for school through an individualised program, ensuring you have a positive start to school.

The key objectives are to:

  • To plan and promote successful transitions for children and parents
  • To ensure that families are provided with the necessary information, support and opportunities to participate as partners in planning their child’s transition and educational future
  • To promote collaboration and communication among all key people in the transition process
  • To provide schools with adequate opportunity to plan for the provision of appropriate services
  • To ensure learning experiences and programs meet best the child’s learning needs, including social-emotional supports.

Key areas of focus:

  • Turn-taking and waiting
  • Following adult directions
  • Fine motor skills (writing, scissor skills, drawing skills)
  • Attention and Concentration
  • Team activities – working together
  • Transitioning – floor to desk, break to working and between activities
  • Recognising and expressing feelings and needs
  • Introducing “school skills’ including raising your hand, eating with others at specified times
  • Individual goals across ECE  & ECDP

Please talk to your Key Worker for further information.

Parent Training Programs

Hanen® – Coaching parents Hanen Strategies:

  • SPARK Communication™
  • 4 I’s to Socialise™

Behaviour Support

  • Stepping Stones, Specialised Behaviour Support Program

Life Skills

  • Developing everyday engagement and independence in daily routines, self-care, and community activities (e.g. going shopping)
  • Play Therapy

Specialist Services

NDIS - Improved Daily Living

  • Early Learning Centre Support
  • Hanen Programs for Educators and Teachers (Learning Language and Loving it, Teacher Talk)
  • School Support during transition
  • Autism (SCERTS Framework) evidence-based, individualised, family centred, collaborative goal setting and planning

Please get in touch with Progressive Connections for further information.